Ribas Hotels Group is a fast-growing company that promotes the hotel market in Ukraine. We create bright and modern facilities with quality service.

Since 2014, we have been changing: spaces, tourist flows, perception of streets and cities, attitude to hotels in Ukraine, the consciousness of guests through service and design.

Currently, the comprehensive management and exclusive booking of Ribas Hotels Group includes 26 city, beach and ski hotels, 10 of which it has designed and built.

What 2021 was like for Ribas Hotels Group in numbers and facts:

Portfolio expansion

The past year has been abundant for Ribas Hotels Group in the number of new facilities. We started it from the first month of operation of the new hotel Ribas Karpaty – iconic for the chain, the first hotel under the brand Ribas in Bukovel (Ivano-Frankivsk region). It made a real breakthrough in the market and showed high performance throughout the year.

In May 2021, we took over the existing hotel Helios by Ribas in Bukovel and Lucky by Ribas in Odessa region. And in December 2021, launched for a test opening of the Ribas Rooms Lutsk Hotel in Lutsk and the WOL.121 Aparthotel in Odessa.

At the design and construction stage we currently have WOL.45, WOL Black and Ribas Lviv in Lviv; Hotel Ribas Ternopol in Ternopil; Ribas Frankivsk in Ivano-Frankivsk; two objects under the new brand 2be hotels in Kiev. The total area of ​​future projects is over 30,000 m2.

Digital breakthroughs

Ribas Hotels Group became the first hotel chain in Ukraine to introduce data transfer technology via the barcode of the Action program during registration. The use of digital technologies in the operation of chain hotels is another step towards improving the level of service in the country.


In addition, in partnership with developers, we have launched a program to develop a franchise for a chain of apart-hotels by Ribas. Thus, Ribas Hotels Group provides development companies with its technical standards and design projects of apart-hotels and apartment buildings WOL Home + Hotel by Ribas, accompanies their design and construction departments, and strengthens the marketing and sales department. After commissioning, the hotels are transferred to the management of our company.

Also in 2021, we started to work on the mobile application "Ribas-Investor". It will give investors of the Ribas Hotels apart-hotel chain the ability to track all investment data on their smartphone. Each investor will be able to quickly receive up-to-date financial analysis and information on the status of the purchased property, as well as track the sales of hotel projects with forecasts of future results.

Last year we sold 5 Mandra glamping franchises. Glamping is a luxury tourism that combines outdoor recreation with all the amenities of civilization. Every visitor receives a high level of service and lives in the most comfortable conditions, enjoying the amazing views of nature.

With this project, we offer to investors a ready-made successful business, implemented on the basis of practical experience, strength and expertise of Ribas Hotels Group. It is worth noting that the glamping Mandra was a breakthrough of the year and a finalist of the Ukraine Tourism Awards 2021.

In addition, alongside the project teams, we launched the Hospitality design inspiration Telegram channel for inspiration. It collects and describes the most effective and interesting design solutions in hotels around the world.

Another project of the company is Telegram-chat Отельеры UA. It brings together experts from all over the country. They share their experience and help each other for a common goal - the development of the hotel market in Ukraine.

Active position

Ribas Hotels Group is a trendsetter in the hotel business and tourism in Ukraine. Our goal is to shape the market and create useful content that will help improve service in Ukraine.

In Ribas Hotels Group we have an active position, we show by our example that you need to participate in exhibitions, communicate, meet and share experiences. Thus, in 2021 we visited many industry events, including: #forumRED, Forbes Tech, New Economy Investments Day, 6th Lviv Forum of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs, business forum in Ivano-Frankivsk, exhibition "TourEXPO", VI All-Ukrainian Hotel Forum "Hospitality Academy", RAU Expo 2021, International Hospitality Awards, INVESTMENT FORUM 2021, exhibition "Gambling INDUSTRY", Odesa Investment Promotion Forum & Odesa Region, mini-conference Estate Club, Odessa Business Forum and others.

In addition to event activities, we also held positions in the press. Thus, in 2021 there were more than 40 publications mentioning Ribas Hotels Group. About us wrote: IA "Interfax-Ukraine", Investory News, Property Times, MC.today, Commercial Property, "Economic Truth", delo.ua, STAY.MANAGEMENT, "New Time", "Focus", InVenture. In addition, we created 30 unique articles on the corporate blog and actively ran the social networks Facebook (Ribas Hotels Group and Ribas Hotels) and Instagram (Ribas Hotels and Ribas Hotels Management).

On the YouTube channel «Ribas. All about the hotel business» we released 27 different videos, including interviews with experts in the hotel business and real estate. In our video blog, we share the experience and knowledge of the team, which helps to better understand the specifics of the hotel business in Ukraine and abroad.

The result of the active position in the market was that the case of Ribas Hotels Group attracted the attention of such well-known public opinion leaders as Yevhen Chernyak, and we recorded an interview at the Ribas Karpaty hotel for the Big Money YouTube channel. 


The end of the year was remembered by a pleasant reincarnation of the Ribas Hotels Group brand. Over the past year, we have passed a great stage of formation and expansion. The number of professionals in the team is growing every month, and this year has increased from more than 150 to 570 people. This prompted some changes. So, at the end of 2021 we conducted a rebranding, among the tasks of which:

Throughout 2022, Ribas Hotels Group will set market trends, cultivate and help others find their way in development and creation. We want to be an example to other hotels, businesses and people who come in contact with us.

Plans for 2022

Next year we plan to influence the change of tourism culture in Ukraine. Yes, we want to take the service in the hospitality industry to a new level by launching the Ribas School of Hospitality, where we will share our experience with hoteliers.

There are also plans to develop the tourism sector by creating conceptual, modern products. We will organize and/or participate in educational activities, as well as cooperate with other brands.

In 2022, Ribas Hotels Group will develop new tourist destinations and create unique products in small towns in cooperation with local authorities.

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