How does Ribas Hotels Group work now and what does it do to keep the team.

Prices for rooms at Ribas Hotels have been reduced

Ribas Hotels Group is a chain of hotels in Odessa, Odessa region and western regions of Ukraine. In total, the chain has 26 hotels, apart- and mini- hotels, country clubs. The total room fund of Ribas Hotels Group is 1 thousand rooms. The chain also cooperates with other Ukrainian and European hotels: it develops them and helps to manage them effectively.

During the war, Ribas Hotels operate in Odessa, Lutsk and Bukovel. Room prices in these hotels have been reduced: just to cover the operational costs.

“Working with no profit is already good for us. We will make money after the victory, but now it is important and necessary to work to support employees, help the people and the country,” says Arthur Lupashko, founder and CEO of the network.

The help for the army

In the first days of the Ukrainian war, Ribas Hotels staff set up a volunteer headquarters. They turned to entrepreneurs with a request to help the army: in three weeks they managed to raise almost 1 million hryvnias. With this money they bought ammunition and food for the units of the territorial defense of Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson.

About the team

The Lviv office is working as before, but in Odessa, employees have switched to a remote format. Some of them have been evacuated abroad, while others went to the western regions of Ukraine.

According to Artur Lupashko, now the main task of the company is to keep the team. Some employees work only a few days a week, their workload has decreased. Others work full time.

“We have developed several options for calculating wages. Everyone has chosen their own, ”Arthur said.

About new projects and vacancies

To support the team further and continue to pay salaries, Ribas Hotels Group has opened a new direction - now they will manage hotels abroad. The company will rent existing European hotels and those that need a restart. To do this, Ribas Hotels Group hires new employees: Ukrainians who were forced to move to different European cities.

The company is already looking for specialists in the field of hotel and restaurant management, financiers, marketing specialists, PR managers, sales and recruitment managers. Click here to submit your application and resume.

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