One of the best technical universities in Ukraine — Odessa national Polytechnic University - celebrated its 100th anniversary. The team of the management company Ribas Hotels Group also took part in the events dedicated to the celebration.

For a hundred years, the University has become the leading industrial University in the country. It successfully operates 13 institutes, 63 departments, 2 faculties and a center for postgraduate education.

At the beginning of this year, the department of accounting, analysis and audit opened a new specialty — accounting and control in the hotel and restaurant business. Students and graduates of this specialty will be accepted for practical training in all hotels of the Ribas Hotels Group chain.

— The hospitality industry is developing very quickly and it needs proactive professionals who are able to adapt and work effectively in changing realities, - says Artur Lupashko, CEO of the management company. — It is very good that Odessa universities promptly respond to this market demand. We are ready to support the new specialty and higher education in Ukraine in every possible way.

At the exhibition-fair, which closed the cycle of large-scale festive events, members of the Ribas Hotels Group team talked with representatives of the educational part, teachers and students of the University.

Ribas Hotels Group is already ready to accept many University students for practical training and even for work.

— 60% of our marketing Department are students, — emphasizes the company's Executive Director Andrey Marenchuk. — And their salaries are disproportionately higher than the income of their peers in other companies.

At the exhibition, representatives of the company were interested in the project of third-and fifth-year students of the Department of computer engineering called "Smart greenhouse".

Student Alexey Naumov told the head of the PR Department of the company Galina Cherednyuk how the greenhouse itself controls the necessary temperature, humidity and other indicators with the help of special equipment. If there is a change in the system, an SMS message is sent to the owner's phone with information about the problem.

Students Of the Institute of computer technologies of ONPU presented a device that would greatly facilitate the life of blind people.

With the help of miniature motion sensors, it receives signals that there is a barrier ahead. The sensors are positioned so that the person receives information about the situation in front of and behind them. As long as they can count the distance to the object and its size. However, whether the object is alive or not is not yet determined.

Students of Odessa Polytechnic University were the first in Ukraine to participate in international competitions of the Formula Student series, performing with the team "Formula Student ONPU". Every year, students at the University's Institute of mechanical engineering design and build a new Formula SAE class car.

The captain of the team ONPU Igor Baltiansky spoke briefly about the process of working on the cars. Students have been participating in the project since 2011, and during this time they have gained not only a large number of awards, but also entire departments: technical, economic, and advertising.

And on this model of car, students even went on the steps of the University, arranging a test drive. It is simply created for off-road or Safari tours.

This is only a small fraction of what is presented, seen, and captured. If you or your friends are interested in tourism, design, mechanics and many other things and are wondering where to go to study, then take a look at the ONPU website.

Odessa national Polytechnic University is growing and developing, releasing from its walls talented specialists who represent Ukraine in various international arenas. Our company is happy to provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice, offering jobs for students and graduates.