The corporate culture of the hotel is a system of values, ideas and rules formed within the company. Corporate culture can also be described as a level of hospitality, aspiration and trust shared by all hotel staff.

It is worth noting that the corporate culture influences the company's position among guests, job candidates and potential partners.

The purpose, values ​​and activities of the company play an important role in building a corporate culture. Among foreign companies, Google is known for its corporate culture. Also among others stands out this online shoe store In these cases, the company itself is very popular mainly because of its corporate culture. Yes, a well-known online store started its own shoe delivery business and as a result started to bring happiness. In the hotel industry The Ritz-Cartlon can be an example. The company does not hide her corporate culture and conducts workshops for other companies, arguing that few will be able to replicate and implement such a culture. Even if you try to use The Ritz-Cartlon culture in your company, it is unlikely that it will give the same result.

Why is corporate culture important in 2022?

Over the past two years, the pandemic has led to large-scale changes in the workspace. Many processes have been changed to remote mode. And some corporate cultures have struggled to cope with the new reality. In this time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to pay attention to corporate culture to avoid emotional devastation of employees.

Svitlana Sokolova, Head of HR, Ribas Hotels Group

Recipe for improving corporate culture:

  1. Identify your values. First of all, it is necessary to write down the company's values ​​and make them public for employees. In the future, hire those people who share them.
  2. Mark the growth opportunities of each employee. Motivation will force employees to overcome difficulties and take responsibility. In addition, the corporate culture in which training is encouraged and possibly paid for, will maintain your reputation as an innovative company.
  3. Choose personal traits. Character traits such as kindness, sociability, and listening skills are important for corporate culture. For the most part, the personal qualities of the candidate should be preferred to his or her experience.
  4. Create an ecological environment. It is important to create a favorable microclimate within the company. Employees should respect each other and maintain friendly communication.

What is our approach?

Generation Z is currently actively entering the market. However, in the process of finding a job, they evaluate the company's corporate culture together with their salary.

“We have taken into account this trend, as well as the main market trends, and recently rebranded Ribas Hotels Group. Now the brand reflects our inner essence: that we are a young, ambitious and creative team. We emphasized that we are creating a new culture of tourism and giving impressions that we will definitely want to return to», – said Svitlana Sokolova, Head of HR, Ribas Hotels Group

It is necessary to understand that in any case, corporate culture can change over the years, at one stage or another different rules can be added.

For example, the Ribas Hotels Group has a culture that has been in works for years and that employees who have worked for the company for a long time pass it on to newcomers. In the hotel industry, each employee broadcasts to the guest through their care, individual approach. And it is important that all employees of our company have a "hospitality gene"

As for the general rules, it is not to spread gossip in the workplace, to help each other in difficult situations, not to criticize each other. Our team is a well-coordinated mechanism, a family. And the success and productivity of the company as a whole depends on who our family members are. After all, each employee in it performs its functions.

Informal company rules are announced by the recruiter on the first day of the internship. The trainee needs to understand whether his principles coincide with the established rules and whether he will be comfortable working in such a team. This directly affects how long this employee will be in the company and when he will start showing the first results.

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