Classification of hotels is the assignment of a certain rank to them, depending on the availability of certain facilities for guests. As a rule, this system makes it possible to have an impression of the status of the hotel by tourists before arrival and form expectations.

Hotel star classification is the most popular way to categorize hotels. However, it also has its own specifics. Since there is still no single classification of hotels in the world, each country specifies its own requirements for the hotel category. 

However, there were attempts to create a common system. In 2009 the Hotelstars Union was created. This agreement enhances the reputation and quality of the hotel industry by ensuring transparency and security for guests and thereby encouraging hotel marketing.

In this article, we will analyze the system of assigning stars to Ukrainian hotels according to the National Standard of Ukraine and compare its requirements with the rules of the Hotelstars Union system.

1* hotels in Ukraine offer a low level of comfort. As a rule, these hotels are located in unremarkable places. Objects of this category are often small and have no more than 10 rooms. Meals in such hotels are not provided, and bathrooms are common. However, objects must have:

Hotelstars UnionThe Hotelstars Union system requires 1* hotels to:

(hotel "lime", Kyiv)

The 2* hotels are ones for a tourist class. Often tourists who travel on inexpensive sightseeing routes. In accordance with European and American standards, the room of a hotel should have a bathroom and a TV. Sometimes the hotel restaurant is located in the lobby of one of the floors and offers a continental breakfast. In Ukraine, in addition to the above points, the hotel must also have:

Hotelstars Union requirements for such hotels:

(hotel "Alexandria", Kyiv)

3* hotel can be attributed to a higher category and the most common. Here we are already talking about the amenities in the room, the availability of soap, shampoo and a hair dryer. Some of these hotels have a mini-bar and air conditioning. In addition to all of the above, in Ukraine, it must necessarily have:

Hotelstars Union standards for 3* hotels:

(Tourist hotel, Kyiv)

4* hotels are considered hotels with a high level of service. Hotels of this class are aimed at people with average incomes. They provide a good location: in the Central location of the city or on the first line of the beach. In addition to the above list, in Ukraine they must have:

Hotelstars Union requirements for this type of hotel:

(Wall Street Hotel, Odessa)

5* hotels provide a wide range of services. Five-star hotels that match the category resemble a small town with all the necessary infrastructure. In Ukraine these facilities should have:

Hotelstars Union requirements for such hotels:

(hotel NEMO Resort Hotel & SPA, Odessa)

Due to the fact that there is no single classification of hotels, the above rules are not relevant everywhere. For example, American three-star hotels are close to four-star hotels in Europe. And in three-star hotels in Asia the presence of a mini-bar, TV and refrigerator in the room is not mandatory. It is not a pattern that works here, but the demand situation. Therefore, often the cost of a room in hotels of different categories may coincide, or Vice versa - prices may differ even in hotels of the same class.

It‘s fair to say that all hotels are subject to verification, which confirms or refutes the fact that the requirements for their classification are met. Today, this issue is particularly acute, since after the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "on state regulation of the organization and conduct of gambling", this process is mandatory.

As a rule, the classification procedure takes place in several stages and as a result, the hotel receives an act that specifies which category it can be assigned to. After that, the documentation is reviewed by an accredited commission, which then issues a certificate with the hotel category. This process is quite time-consuming, so it is better to contact specialists who will guarantee you a professional approach to the certification of your hotel.

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