The quality characteristics of the selected materials and solutions are the main thing that you need to look up to in the process of repairing rooms in an apartment hotel. There is an opinion that you definitely need to "pay a lot" for it. But this is not always the case. For example, we propose to analyze the key solutions in two pilot rooms of the apart-hotel WOL, which are different in size. One of them with an area of 24 m2 includes a combined hallway, kitchen and sleeping area (20 m2), as well as a bathroom (4 m2), and the second, with an area of 34 m2– has a separate bedroom (14.5 m2), a studio kitchen with a sitting area (16.5 m2) and a bathroom (3.2 m2).

Hallway area

The entrance area in the room is of absolute importance, and should provide comfort to guests. Therefore, when developing solutions for it, it is necessary to start with the door. It must be fireproof and noise-insulated, with a folding threshold. This is extremely important for hotels. These are the doors that are in the rooms of this apart-hotel. "In all our hotels, we use only doors that are certified at 44 dB for noise insulation," says Artur Lupashko, founder of the Ribas Hotels

Also in the hallway area of the room there are mezzanine shelves and a wardrobe for clothes and shoes with a built-in full-length mirror. 


The kitchen in the rooms is combined with a bar to make it convenient to cook and eat. The furniture in this area was selected from a Ukrainian manufacturer. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary household appliances of proven Chinese production.

Bedroom area

When planning a bedroom in an apartment of 24 m2, an important criteria was that the guest should not see the kitchen from the bed. The designers have planned the space so that the TV and the work desk will be visible from this area. The bedroom is separated from the kitchen and the entrance space by a bar counter and a wardrobe.

The sleeping area is quite minimalistic – white walls and ceiling. The bed is 1.6x2 meters. Instead of bedside tables, a shelf with sockets and light switches was chosen. The rooms have day-night blinds.


To design a bathroom is not an easy task, besides, it accounts for the main costs due to plumbing, communications, the use of tiles, etc. The WOL Hotel managed to implement interesting solutions at a bargain price. So, the designers used a less expensive Turkish analogue of the actual Calacatta tiles in the rooms. For this type of accommodation, as an apartment hotel, it is more ergonomic and rational. Also, high-quality plumbing equipment from KOLO is used in the space. Due to black and white solutions, it looks like the highest-level brands, such as Zucchetti.Kos, etc.

Finishing materials

Non-woven wallpaper was used in the decoration of the walls of the rooms. "They have a certain coefficient of stretching, which allows, first of all, to hide all the defects that occur in new buildings during shrinkage, and secondly, it is simply more convenient to use them, since such high-quality wall preparation is not required," said Alexander Vernik, co-founder of the «Atmosphere», construction company, who was engaged in the sale of rooms. The cost of wallpaper with works is from $ 10 / m2.

The rooms had a stretch ceiling. So, as the expert says, it is convenient to use it in new construction. The cost of such a ceiling with works is from $ 7/m2.

Vinyl flooring was chosen for the space – its price starts from $ 2/m2, but for these rooms the option was used a little more expensive – $ 5/m2. Its main advantage is moisture resistance.


The rooms of the apart-hotel have three light sources: ceiling, pendant lamps, as well as tone lighting, which is located in bedside sconces.


Electric heating is being used in rooms. This decision is justified by the economic benefits due to the installation of electric heaters in each room, unlike boilers and laying pipes to batteries, as well as the ability to regulate the temperature in each room.

Furniture and fittings

All the furniture in the rooms was made to order by Ukrainian companies. However, the equipment and accessories were manufactured by a Chinese company at the best price/quality ratio.

"Apart-hotel furniture is a commercial product, and it should earn you money. Thus, a certain need is formed for its facade to be resistant to mechanical influences, the fittings to be reliable, and all the materials used to be environmentally friendly, tolerant of moisture and the sun," says Alexander Soroka, founder of the furniture company Soroka studio design, furniture for the manufacture of which is embedded in the interior of the rooms of the apart-hotel WOL.

"If you plan to build or renovate apartments that you bought for rent, take into account the needs and expectations of consumers. Today, the cheapest furniture and inexpensive repairs can lead to the fact that every year your apartment will be rented cheaper, because the materials will wear out. So, the total cost per 1 m2 of the above-described renovation in the studio room of the WOL apartment hotel for two bedrooms is from $ 570/m2. However, the guest, after living there for a month or a year, will definitely tell his friends, and this will provoke an increase in the price for the apartment. Therefore, choosing high-quality materials from proven contractors is very important," sums up Artur Lupashko.

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