Furniture in the hotel is an important attribute of style and functionality. It should be chosen based on some important points. One of them is zoning.

The hotel usually has the following zones:

The requirements are also different for furniture located in different locations.

However, the main criteria remain:

The furnishing of a standard hotel room consists of:

Depending on the star rating of the hotel and the status of the room, it may also contain:

To furnish areas that are reserved for staff more modest models of chairs, sofas, tables, cabinets are being purchased. They should be easy to clean and functional.

Let's dwell on furniture for living and working areas.

The specialists of our company have created a checklist for the selection of modern and functional furniture for the hotel.


Materials used to make or paint furniture: fillers, upholstery, frames - are often the cause of allergic reactions of guests. Therefore, it is preferable to use chenille, tapestry, or cotton in the upholstery materials. Carefully study the compositions of paints, solutions and other materials that were used in the manufacture of furniture for your hotel. Be sure to ask the manufacturer or their representative for a certificate of environmental safety of the materials used to make certain furniture items.

Fasteners, legs, armrests, backs, and footboards of furniture should be thickened and designed for guests of different weight categories. This should also be taken into account when choosing furniture for a hospitality facility.

This is what will make the interior of the room stand out among others. Furniture of irregular shape is now in fashion. But this is not its main advantage. The fact is that chairs from different zones of different heights, the unusual shape of the table or chair, the contrasting color of the shelves-help to use the space of the room more effectively. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to modern models. Sometimes an elongated sofa will look better in a two-room suite with a small area than two massive armchairs.

It is not enough to be a standard sofa to meet the expectations of guests. The modern interior of the rooms dictates new trends. For example, a sofa that helps to zone the sleeping area and the rest area in the room. Or a chair that turns into a Cabinet or table by simple manipulations.

What kind of hotel furniture should I choose? Order custom for the interior of the rooms or buy a typical one. Our experts believe that something in between is suitable here.

For example, the bed is the main furniture accent of the room. In order to perfectly fit it into the room space, you can make it to order.

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