The hotel consists of a huge system of processes, built in a way to make a guest as comfortable as possible in the space. The success of the activity and, accordingly, the profit of the object depends on each operation.

“In general, we understand the business process as the ordering of actions to perform a certain type of activity that occurs at all stages of the life cycle of a hotel enterprise,” explained Yuriy Tsymbal, manager of Ribas Karpaty

In a hotel, we most often encounter the following business processes:

1. Booking hotel rooms. The period of this process lasts from the moment the guest is met at the entrance to the hotel until he checks into the room. The senior administrator is responsible for this.

2. Housekeeping Service. The administrative and economic service controls the condition of the rooms on the floors and informs the staff of the reception desk. If this scheme does not work, the guest may be placed in an unprepared room.

3. Catering. This process is most often associated with the functioning of restaurants, bars, cafes located in the hotel. The main organizer of the preparation and service of guests in a restaurant is the head waiter or restaurant administrator.

4. Supply. The process of organizing the supply involves various kinds of purchases of the necessary goods of a certain quality at a bargain price. It also includes the development of a supply strategy.

5. Organization of safety. The business process is to ensure the safety of guests by organizing security at the hotel. It also includes conducting training activities for staff aimed at the implementation of certain actions in emergency situations.

6. Marketing activities. The process involves searching for potential guests, determining methods for attracting them, promoting the hotel on the market, developing marketing plans, analyzing customer satisfaction with hotel services, and much more.

7. Organization of accounting and financial work. This process involves the maintenance of general accounting, financial reports and other documentation.

How to organize business processes in a hotel

“Success in the organization of hotel business processes lies in the smooth operation of all components involved in its functioning. The basis for this is the establishment of communication between the departments of the facility for the effective provision of services to the guest,” said Marta Vorokh, manager of the Helios Hotel by Ribas.

For the effective functioning of all departments, first of all, you need to choose the right staff who can provide quality services to the guest. However, employees must constantly improve the level of personal development, which is usually facilitated by the hotel manager through thematic and general developmental training with staff. Also, last but not least, you need to take care of staff motivation: bonuses, career prospects, team building.

Can the owner create and control business processes in the hotel?

The owner can independently organize the work of the hotel. However, sometimes the owner, for various reasons, is forced to outsource enterprises. It is worth noting that this is not always a good idea, since not all contractors are conscientious. Sometimes cooperation with an enterprise can result in a loss of time, finances and reputation for the owner, since a violation of the order of one of the business processes can lead to dissatisfaction of guests with the service.

To avoid a bad experience, it is worth using the services of a management company, which clearly forms the vertical of business processes, so that the owner does not need other contractors. This service can be provided by Ribas Hotels Group. Having examples of successful cases in its portfolio, it gives a guarantee to the hotel owner for a profitable result of cooperation.

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