Edem Resort Medical & SPA – is a large medical center that includes a five-star hotel, a golf club, 4 restaurants, banquet halls, a horse stable and much more. It is located 25 km from the center of Lviv, in the village of Strelki, and is one of the largest hotel facilities in Central Europe. The total area of the guest territory is about 100 hectares.

This complex is visited by the richest people of Ukraine and other countries. The average check for a week's stay in the complex is about 5000-7000 euros for two people.


The most popular room at Edem Resort Medical & SPA is the suite. This is due to the fact that it is perfect for couples.

Also in the complex you can stay in a two-room suite. It has a large bathroom, two separate bedrooms. All furniture is made in Ukraine in a single copy, especially for this hotel.

Also, Edem Resort Medical & SPА offers superior rooms. There are about 15 of them in the hotel. These are the classic one-room suites for two guests.

"Soon we will be doing the reconstruction of the rooms. We understand that the average length of stay is getting longer. When you live one night in a room, you need one thing, and when seven nights is completely different," said Alexey Voloshin, General Director of the Edem Hotel. So, according to him, the complex will outperform the needs of guests: for example, they take empty suitcases to store it, because it only "eats up” space in the room. The hotel also wants to introduce the technology of automatic opening of curtains – they will open by alarm clock. "Or, for example, many designers now use diode tape in hotels as daylight. But we are going to have a remote control for switching the light spectrum, and when preparing the room in the evening, the maid will turn on a green diode. It is pleasant, not as irritating as red or yellow, and produces melatonin, the sleep hormone. This way it will be easier for the guest to prepare for a good rest," Alexey Voloshin shared.

Additional services

One of the unique features of the Edem Medical & SPA Resort is that there is a horse stable on the territory of the complex. This creates a special experience for the guests. For example, the center offers a horse-drawn carriage ride to the Svirzhsky Castle, where lunch will be served for guests. Such a day adventure costs about 1000-1500 euros. "In luxury hospitality, you sell not only a service, but also an experience. You can spend an hour and a half on the phone, sitting in a luxury hotel, or you can comb a horse, feed it, or go on a little trip. That's what people pay extra big money for," commented Alexey Voloshin.

In addition, the modern sculpture park PARK 3020 was opened at Edem Resort Medical & SPA. Its area is 8.5 hectares. Here you can check out the collection of works of modern Ukrainian sculptors.

“Specifically, the park is more, of course, a patronage project. However, now we have an interesting task to attract people here not only in terms of making money on the entrance ticket, but also guests who are interested in contemporary art,”– said Alexey Voloshin

New space

Soon a new medical building will open at Edem Resort Medical & SPA. It is twice as large as the current one. A medical center will be located on three floors of the building, and a few rooms will be on the fourth. There will be several rooms, one of which will be called "Edem penthouse". It will include a hall, a guest toilet, a dressing room, 5 bedrooms, a large atrium with a guest area with a fireplace and a bar.

The new building will also house two operating rooms. So, non-urgent planned operations will be carried out in the complex.

“In the next 5 years, operating rooms will appear in hotels. The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company chains will enter into alliances with Charité or other cool medical hubs, and create a combination of hospitality and medicine in one area, which, in principle, has already existed in Europe for many years. But there are very few such hotels - about 20 in all of Europe, including North Africa, the Arab countries. This is an empty niche that will fill up very quickly,” Alexey Voloshin commented.


Edem Resort Medical & SPA pays a lot of attention to security - both informational and physical. The Guests who stay at the hotel put their privacy first. This is typical for the luxury business all over the world. And the guests see that the complex manages to create an atmosphere in which they can relax. So, the hotel took into account the requirements and standards that guests would like to see, and created their own security service of more than 30 people in staff.

Impact of the pandemic on work

The Edem Resort Medical & SPA complex is in the niche of hotels that have benefited from the pandemic. The facility initially worked for domestic tourism: before the pandemic, about 75% of the guests were Ukrainians, and 25% were foreigners.

In general, country hotels have benefited during the pandemic compared to business hotels. But Edem Resort Medical & SPA is even more fortunate as it also covers the medical field. The pandemic has caused people to start paying attention to their health. Immunity, anti-aging - this is what people are now investing a lot of money in. That’s why the hotels that combine excellent service and a medical component are even more popular.

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