The book «more than a service»


investment project

Five-star hotel in Bukovel, developed with Archimatika project group. There are 143 apartments of various sizes and categories on 7 floors of the building.

Address Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Polyanytsia
Opening date Q2 2027
Stages of cooperation concept and business model development, construction support, sales promotion, management, operational and strategic management
Total area 11306 m2
Infrastructure area with outdoor pool, spa, massage rooms, meditation room, fire zone, children's room, restaurant and stargazing area
Average annual load, % (OOS) 58
Average rate, $ (ADR) 155
Projected capitalization, % 30
Interest payment schedule quarterly
Developer ARHA GROUP

About the brand

Ahni is the twin of the Goddess of fertility and the family hearth. But mysterious and magical. As Day has Night. As the Sun has the Moon. As AMA has Akhni. AMA gives life to the new. Brings a magical soul into this world. A mysterious place that beckons. What is impossible to imagine. You can only feel it.

AHNI MOON RESORT is a place for those who understand their value. This is a kind of community of "others". Here they feel victorious. It creates a feeling that a person is part of a unique environment, successful people who believe in something more than money.

What means

Ahni is Sanskrit for "Fire". God of fire in Hinduism. He is equally the fire of the sun, lightning, and home and sacrificial hearth. Fire is perfection, it is truth, it is life itself. Fire is a symbol of the mysterious, magical, ritual, otherworldly. Fire is magic that is available to everyone.

AHNI MOON RESORT is a sacred place. It is a riddle and a portal in search of hidden knowledge. A mysterious place where people feel differently. A place where an unknown energy flows in the air. Where the universe can be understood through the experience of ritual. A magical mystery beyond the conscious mind.