The issue of hotel star rating is an essential component in the development of the hotel business, and is also crucial for potential guests. This information allows people to choose the most optimal conditions for accommodation. Hotel stars are an official confirmation of the quality and variety of services, as well as a guarantee of security.

At the end of January, the Ribas Rooms Lutsk hotel in Lutsk officially received the 3-star category. This is an interesting case in our portfolio. For this project, we managed to quickly assemble a team, set up the right communication, including with the certification body. So, at the beginning of cooperation, the hotel was almost completed, but in two months we simply brought it to perfection, observing all the requirements of the DSTU standard of the 3-star category.

As a result, the hotel received a star rating a month after the opening and the first meeting of the commission. This once again proves that such vital for the facility decisions is necessary to delegate to experienced professionals.

It is important to note that the star rating allows, within the framework of the legislation of Ukraine, to place a slot machine hall or a casino in the hotel building, depending on the star rating of the object. This guarantees a stable income and an increase in rental income. In the Ribas Rooms Lutsk project, it was crucial to get the star rating since the owner of the building wanted to place slot machines there.

History Ribas Rooms Lutsk

We signed an agreement with the owner of the hotel building in Lutsk, which was 90% complete. Ribas Rooms Lutsk has a modern and stylish design created by the Design House Colibri studio under the direction of Irina Kozachuk, its chief architect and designer. The central street of the city, 25 rooms, a breakfast area, parking, co-working and a room for a gambling business.

In 2 months, we assembled and trained a strong team, conducted a technical audit of the building and eliminated the shortcomings, according to our requirements, completed the necessary equipment and textiles, set up the software and launched marketing and sales. This enabled the hotel to launch with great success.

In general, the construction of the facility with the amount of investment of 40 million hryvnia, has lasted 16 months. The Ribas Rooms Lutsk hotel opened on December 15, 2021 and has been successfully operating since then with a rating of 9.6 on The area of ​​the hotel is 820 m2. The average area of ​​a room is 23 m2.

The next similar project in our network will be Ribas Rooms Bila Tserkva, which we have planned to open in the summer of 2022.

Ribas Rooms Hotels is a sub-brand of modern hotels from the Ribas Hotels Group. In the next 3 years, it is planned to open hotels under this brand in 15 cities of Ukraine - tourist locations and the largest regional centers of Ukraine. Ribas Hotels Group is actively searching for land and unfinished properties for purchase in these cities.

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